Every year it seems that Christmas paraphernalia shows up in the stores earlier and earlier in the fall. We used to complain when it started the day after Halloween. But I swear this year I saw evidence of Christmas in shops at the end of August.

Personally, I like a long Christmas season and I have been battling against the urge to haul out my Christmas trees and nativity set for at least a week now. I am living in a big old Victorian brick house which just begs for lots of greenery and red ribbons. I cannot wait to deck these halls.

At the same time, I have friends who get downright offended (and cranky!) at the idea of beginning the season early. Some believe it takes away from the meaning of the Season.

I have been running into both sides of this conversation regularly for a week or two now, and so I have been turning the idea of starting early vs. holding off over and over in my mind.

No matter how I try to look at it, I keep coming back to fact that I love all things sparkly and bright and Yule-tide-ish. The longer I can surround myself with reminders of the message and meaning of Christmas, the better off I will be.

So go ahead and hate if you must. But me, I am entering into Christmas early. I am entering into the full joy of the Season. I am going to enjoy every second of it and surround myself with wonder, sparkling lights and a baby who changed the course of my life and the course of history.

Merry Christmas!

PS – I think I may start decorating tomorrow!