Not enough time!

I have this issue. I always think there is more time in the day than there actually is. Most days I take a moment in the morning to make a plan for the day. I make a mental checklist of what needs to happen during the day and what I hope I will have time to do.

Inevitably, most of the things I hope I will have time to do go undone. For example, I’d hoped to start my Christmas decorating today. But that just did not happen today. In fact, I was pressed for time to the point that I didn’t get dinner this evening (I had friends over and there were appetizers, so I filled up on those).

This is not a new issue in my life – for years I have always planned to do more in a given day than can actually be accomplished. My best friend and I used to make plans for a day off and we would always end them with “…and then we’ll go to a movie!” It never worked out. We only made it to the movies on days when we didn’t have other plans.

You would think that by now I would have figured out that I should plan on doing a little less because then I might actually accomplish everything on my list. But no, I just continue on planning too much and accomplishing less than I hoped.

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