Sometimes The Way is so hard…

Tonight the 20’s & 30’s group at my church met. I love the folks in this group. They are funny and uplifting. Our conversation sometimes drifts FAR off topic, but at the heart we are all trying to figure out how to follow Jesus.

Which is exactly what tonight’s conversation was about. We watched Francis Chan’s BASIC video entitled “Follow Jesus.” It was an interesting, and (at least for me) surprisingly challenging video. Chan argues that Christians often get it wrong – we often think that following Jesus is something we can do ‘in our heart,’ instead of with real, concrete actions. He uses the example of the childhood game “Follow The Leader.” You can’t play that game by sitting there motionlessly saying “Oh, I’m doing the Leader’s action in my heart.”

He also states that figuring out how to follow Jesus is easy. Just do the things he did and talked about: feed the poor, forgive the people you’re mad at, do nice things for your enemies.

On the one hand, Chan is right. Those things are simple. In theory, at least – because on the other hand, it’s really tough to actually DO those things. Maybe my heart is hard or I am too stubborn, but I don’t WANT to forgive people who make me mad. I want to complain about them and avoid them. Feeding the poor isn’t so difficult, unless the truth is that I’m not doing enough of it. Then it could become very difficult. And don’t get me started on doing nice things for my enemies.

I guess the thing is – this video hit me after a day in which I heard God calling me to an action I don’t want to do. It will be a good thing, it will make me a stronger individual, it has the potential to heal some hurts, and I am willing to bet it will draw me closer to God. But it will also be difficult, awkward, and perhaps painful. I’d rather just avoid it. Sometimes The Way is hard…sometimes following Jesus comes at a great price.

Which I guess begs the question: then why do it? Well, as Chan puts it, where else am I going to go? If Jesus is really the way, the truth and the life, then going a different direction means going away from the way, the truth and the life. I don’t want that. I want abundant life, I want the things God promises, I want the life Jesus dreams of for me.

But sometimes, I wish it didn’t have to cost so much. That is my confession.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes The Way is so hard…

  1. Praying for you, my friend. Doing what Jesus calls us to do isn’t always the easiest path, but the rewards are the richest – but being clay isn’t pleasant. Go with Him, and follow His prompting – praying as you discern the right response to whatever it is you are facing.

  2. Aww Bekah, this is a hard toping, and I agree with you it is the harder path… but I think you do yourself injustice, you do not fight with your enemies, you do not make war, you avoid them and if confronted you will talk and even help them. Your a loving and caring person, compassionate to all, even those you do not know. Sometimes your passion gets the better of you, but who doesn’t and these passionate moments of emotions make you stronger and closer to Jesus, especially when you remember and pray and seek forgiveness.

    My two cents, love you and always in my prayers.

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