Yesterday, my heart was heavy. I poured it out on my blog and then linked to Facebook and asked for prayer from my friends. It’s not the first time I have appealed to friends through social media to pray for me. Every time I have done that, I have been overwhelmed by the response.

As soon as the blog went live I started to receive comments, texts, and emails from friends (some close, some not) who wanted to share a word of support and encouragement.

Every comment and “like” was a blessing to me. And I was reminded that God can, and will, do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. The situation I was talking about yesterday hasn’t resolved itself. But I know I can move forward to deal with it. I know whatever happens I am blessed with friends who will care for me in the midst of it, and a Heavenly Father whose generosity and love know no bounds.

I am thankful.