I have this frustrating, silly (stupid!!) and on-going battle with garbage day at my house. I always forget to put the garbage, recycling and green waste out the night before pickup. For the last couple of weeks, this has meant that I have been collecting garbage, recycling and green waste. Tonight I remembered. I gathered everything up, changed the kitty litter, and was about to take it all down to the curb.

But the second I put a foot on the top step of my porch, I realized my mission was doomed. It has been freezing raining here for a few hours now, and the stairs are slick. I stood there for a moment, trying to decide whether it was worth risking it. But even as I wondered, I knew it wasn’t. After a moment, my shoulders slumped in defeat, I took my foot back off that first stair and dragged the bags back into the house.

I guess we really are hovering on the brink of winter.

And yes, I did just blog about the weather. My life has come to this.