Freezing Rain

I have this frustrating, silly (stupid!!) and on-going battle with garbage day at my house. I always forget to put the garbage, recycling and green waste out the night before pickup. For the last couple of weeks, this has meant that I have been collecting garbage, recycling and green waste. Tonight I remembered. I gathered everything up, changed the kitty litter, and was about to take it all down to the curb.

But the second I put a foot on the top step of my porch, I realized my mission was doomed. It has been freezing raining here for a few hours now, and the stairs are slick. I stood there for a moment, trying to decide whether it was worth risking it. But even as I wondered, I knew it wasn’t. After a moment, my shoulders slumped in defeat, I took my foot back off that first stair and dragged the bags back into the house.

I guess we really are hovering on the brink of winter.

And yes, I did just blog about the weather. My life has come to this.

2 thoughts on “Freezing Rain

  1. Good Morning Precious Lord … this morning we ask that you remind Rebekah to set a reminder in one of her calendars to put our the garbage, recycling and green waste. We know your jobs for her are many and she has a lot to do while here, but we must also help her with the mundane everyday aspects of life. We are greatful that Rebekah has shelter, enough food and things to create waste. We are thankful for legs that will help us to the curb after the freezing rain, we are thankful for animal companionship. We are thankful for the rains that freeze that will eventually melt and feed and nurture the wonder of trees, plants and flowers that you gift to us. We are also reminded, that we have seasons in this part of the world we call home and that the coming of winter provides us a time for thoughtful prayer and contemplation as we move indoors and await spring.

    So many things to give thanks for … and thank you for this forum, so that Rebekah can reach out to us, even if just to blog about the weather. Please remove the filter that makes her see defeat and instead help her to rejoice in all the wonder you send to us each day 🙂 Amen.

    BIG HUGS … JT.

  2. as one who is afraid of ice – here is a tip
    Keep a small bucket of salt INSIDE the house (front closet or near door) or whatever door you use.
    Then – scatter salt in front of you as you walk

    It is the only way to do this – and I for one hate slipping….
    This is a practical tip – and one that makes life much easier when you are juggling a million things at once

    And then go back in the house – cuddle up and read, sleep, play with your beloved dog and know that you have a house…
    It is such a nice feeling

    Oh the weather outside is frightful
    da da da, da da, da da da
    la la la la la – la la-a
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

    Can’t remember all the words LOL
    sending hugs.

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