Makin’ a change

If you look in the comments to last night’s cranky post about the garbage and freezing rain, you will find a lovely prayer written for me by a friend (Thanks JT!!). I read it first thing this morning, and I have been thinking about it all day.

It has been a tough week. Or a tough few weeks to be precise. There are a lot of things weighing heavily on me. But what JT’s prayer reminded me of, is that I don’t have to carry these things on my own. And that, though I may have moments when I am overwhelmed, upset, and plain-old cranky (I freely admit I am human, after all!), I do not have to live my life that way 24/7.

In fact, I am called of Christ NOT to live my life that way. There are going to be moments/hours/days that overwhelm me. There are going to be moments when I find it hard to think positively. But my calling is always to take a deep breath, get quiet and know that God is the saviour of this world, and I am not.

So today I’m making a change. I am putting my hand firmly back in His hand, and I am choosing to trust that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord.



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