Unexpected Worship

After Mary was visited by the Angel, she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth in Judea. Elizabeth had received her own miracle when God made it possible for her to bear a child in her old age. While they were talking, Mary burst out with some words of worship…often these words are referred to as The Magnificat or Mary’s Song.

Mary said:
With all my heart
I praise the Lord,
and I am glad
because of God my Savior.
He cares for me,
his humble servant.
From now on,
all people will say
God has blessed me.
God All-Powerful has done
great things for me,
and his name is holy.
He always shows mercy
to everyone
who worships him.

Luke 1:46-50 CEV

Tonite I am thinking about worship. I had the most unique experience I’ve had in years this evening. The choir from my church sang back up for an Elvis impersonator. It was…amazing. SO MUCH FUN! We oohed and aaahhhed our way as Elvis’ back up through a number of Christmas songs and classics (Burnin Love was my personal favourite!). And then, right near the end of the concert, Elvis stopped the song he had just started. He said he wanted to hear the audience sing, because they had been listening to us all evening and he wanted to spend some time listening.

The band began to play O Come All Ye Faithful softly. And the audience began to sing. And all of a sudden, we were standing on holy ground. It was a moment of worship, right there in the Rose Theatre in Brampton, ON. With a guy in an Elvis jump suit.

God is everywhere. And worship can happen anywhere. In a conversation between two women or in a crowded theatre in Ontario.

As the season roles on, I encourage you to find moments when worship breaks out around you in unexpected ways. It could be when you pick up the strains of a favorite carol while you rush through errands at the mall. Or when you hear the story told by Linus in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Or when you see a star shining high atop a tree.

…or when you are backing Elvis up with your church choir. 🙂

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