God is for us…

The second half of Mary’s song goes like this:

The Lord has used
his powerful arm
to scatter those
who are proud.
He drags strong rulers
from their thrones
and puts humble people
in places of power.
God gives the hungry
good things to eat,
and sends the rich away
with nothing.
He helps his servant Israel
and is always merciful
to his people.
The Lord made this promise
to our ancestors,
to Abraham and his family
Luke 1:51-55 CEV

What I find amazing about Mary’s words is the way that God is always for the disenfranchised or the marginalized. He takes power away from the powerful and gives it to the humble.

There’s a Casting Crowns song I love (ok, there are a LOT of Casting Crowns songs that I love…if you don’t know who they are – youtube them to find out…they are one of the best things out there in Christian music today!) called God is With Us. The lyrics to the chorus are:

Love is raining down on the world tonight
There’s a presence here I can tell
God is in us, God is for us, God is with us, Emmanuel
He’s the Savior we have been praying for
In our humble hearts He will dwell
God is in us, God is for us, God is with us, Emmanuel

I find that one phrase “God is for us” going through my head a lot, lately. It’s what when through my mind as I read the second part of Mary’s song in order to write this post. Have you ever felt overlooked? Less than powerful? Hungry? Do you think of yourself as just an ordinary guy or just an ordinary girl?

Yeah, me too.

The good news is that God is for US. The good news is that Christ was born for US. Because God is always merciful to his people.

And that is the truth that keeps me going. May it also be the truth that keeps you going.

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