Something worth checking out!

I love it when people interact with my blog. My friend Sue responded to yesterday’s post and pointed me towards a website called It has all kinds of wonderful recipes AND it lists them by Weight Watchers pointsplus values. Which for me is completely awesome. It is SO helpful to be able to know exactly how any recipe will impact my daily points values.

There are some really fun, really interesting ideas on this site. Even if you’re not interested in doing Weight Watchers, it’s a great resource for some tasty, healthy recipes.

Check it out and enjoy! (And I will do my best to blog about something other than food tomorrow!)


2 thoughts on “Something worth checking out!

    1. Ha! Glad mentioning you was an exciting event. 😀 I am using two recipes from (chicken ropa veija and cilantro lime rice) on Friday for a dinner party here in Belleville! I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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