I am a bit of a contradiction. When it comes to certain areas of life, there’s nothing I love better than trying something new. But when it comes to other areas, I cling to traditions.

I love trying new recipes, finding new songs, writers and artists. I especially love new ways of worshiping – anything that is different from tradition (but rooted in Biblical truth) is fascinating to me in worship. I love worship songwriters who take an old hymn and make it new by adding a bridge or by setting it to a different tune. I love preachers who can take a passage I’ve heard a million times before and bring out a meaning or an emphasis I hadn’t heard before. In these arenas I thrive on discovering the new (or at least the new-to-me).

But I also love a tradition. A few examples: it is tradition that my folks and I must watch the Muppet Christmas carol every year during the Advent season; when I get some time away and spend it with my folks, it is tradition that my Mom and I drive down to Prince Edward County and visit some of my favorite shops in Bloomfield and Picton.

Today, my Mother and I did that very thing. I came home with some new knitting needles and new lace yarn. Sadly, no new silver earrings this time.

I haven’t figured out yet why I love the cutting edge in certain arenas and the dyed-in-the-wool (if you’ll pardon the pun) traditions in others. I guess, as I said – I am just a contradiction!

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