Small joys…

I am still feeling way under the weather.  And it’s starting to really bum me out. So today I’m trying another tactic. I’m not dreaming the day away. Instead, I’m counting up some small joys that have come my way in the last 24hrs. Here we go:

-Koski bobbing for ice cubes in her water bowl (When I put fresh water down for the dog (and the fatcat), I fill the bowl from the water dispenser in my fridge. But because of the size and shape of the bowl, it ends up being crushed ice and water in the bowl. Well, Koski LOVES ice cubes. So much so, that instead of drinking the water, she begins bobbing for ice cubes as soon as I put the bowl down. I discovered this reality this morning when I heard a bubbly sound coming from the direction of the water bowl and turned to see Koski with half her face submerged as she chased some ice. JOY!)

-an email from a friend (You know who you are, and your sympathy brought a smile to my face! I will email you back once I get the ability to think straight back. 🙂 JOY! )

-cold brewed coffee (A friend turned me on to this in the summer. Turns out, you can submerge a 1/2 cup of coffee grounds in 2 litres of water for about 12 hrs in the fridge, strain out the grounds and have yourself a mighty fine cold-brewed coffee. It never gets bitter like hot-brewed coffee can. And if you a cup of that and mix it with a cup of vanilla almond milk, you end up with something that tastes like an iced latte and only costs 2 pointsplus! JOY!)

-a good book (Just finished Mocking Jay (book #3 in the Hunger Games) and it was awesome. It was brutal, but so engrossing. I loved the characters and hated the characters. I hoped for them, cheered for them, and couldn’t stop thinking about them. Also, reading a book at 5am because you can’t sleep due to all the coughing is a good way to spend time that would otherwise be wasted. JOY!)

Sometimes…you just have to count the good things in life.


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