So I followed a pin on Pinterest the other day that brought me to this article. And specifically to this photo:

I just adore this photo. It’s a gorgeous example of black and white photography.

But it also speaks to me on another level. Now, I know that animals don’t have the same emotions as humans. I know that humans have a bad habit of personifying animals. But I also have observed something in the animals in my house. They do have a range of emotion. Koski looks at me with sympathy when I’m coughing up a lung. Spot curls up against my leg in the middle of the night.

This evening, Koski went up to Spot (the fatcat) and kissed her face. Spot closed her eyes, and I swear you could hear the sigh she gave right across the room.

This photo, to me says: It’s ok, all shall be well.

And don’t we all want someone to lean their forehead against ours and whisper that sometimes?