As soon as it started to get really chilly this fall, I stopped using my barbeque. I just didn’t want to be cooking outdoors with the cold and the rain.

But last week I was looking through my freezer to see what I have ‘in stock’ that I can use for meals. I’m on a tight budget at the moment, and I figured it would be wise to use up some of the food I have in my freezer.

So tonite saw me returning to grilling. In the midst of a snow storm. Recently I’d been on a bit of a vegetarian kick, eating veggie chili or black bean soup for supper (both of which, I absolutely love, but I felt like a bit of a break). But in the past couple of days, I’ve been craving protein (as one friend says REAL protein, not what you can get from beans and cheese). I had to smile to myself as I threw on a toque and winter jacket each time I went to check on the food I was grilling (steak, pineapple, red peppers, zuchinni…YUM!).

I don’t think there is much that feels as truly Canadian as grilling in a snowstorm. So, half a year before patriotic celebrations come into season, I find myself thinking how much I love my country (even though I don’t love winter). And how glad I am that God has given me this place for my home.

C’mon Canadian friends, say it with me: I. AM. CANADIAN!!!!