Contemplating a rest

So I have been blogging every day since November, now. I really enjoy the daily discipline of writing. I like the time at the end of my day to think back over significant moments. But I am also noticing that there is a pattern to it. And by Sunday evening, I am in need of a rest. My blogging buddy, Michelle has tackled this by instituting ‘Silent Sundays’ (in which she posts a pic instead of writing a blog entry).

While I love that idea, I have to admit, I am not keen on doing it myself. I know I would arrive at about 11pm and be scrambling to figure out a photo I could take before deadline.

All of this to say that I am contemplating the idea of Sunday being a rest day for my blog. So do not fear if you don’t see a post from me next Sunday…I am simply partaking in the Sabbath and will return to writing the next night.

Craig Groeschel (a preacher & church leader who I enjoy) once said: sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is rest.

Amen, brother.

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