Right now the church where I serve is on a journey. We are looking for a new Lead Minister. Tonite our Session (board of elders) approved the ‘profile’ for this position. Basically this is a resume that our church will release to help candidates decide whether this is where they are called to serve.

Having a profile that is ready to be released is a big step forward. This is the point where the rubber starts to meet the road. Our Search Committee will be receiving profiles from candidates over the next couple of months and they will begin to figure out which candidates stand out, which they want to pursue, and which they don’t.

It is an exciting time for our congregation and an uncertain time. I am please we are moving forward, but I am also wondering what the future holds. I do not know. I am not spending my time worrying and stressing about it, but I am aware that things could be drastically different at St. A’s in another year.

All of this to say that I would appreciate your prayers as we continue on this journey. If you could ask God to give us wisdom, courage, patience and the ability to trust that He is the one leading us on this journey to His appointed destination, I’d sure appreciate it!

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