The best laid plans…

So a couple of weeks ago I posted that I was in a bit of a financial struggle and that I’d put myself on a strict budget for this month, and a non-essential-spending freeze until June.

Today I was so proud of myself because I’d made it to the end of the month adhering to my budget. I was even going to head out to the grocery store for a round of not-as-restricted-as-last-time groceries. So I got into my car, and…it wouldn’t turn on. Gah!

I know what has happened – the battery is dead. I’m pretty sure that it’s because a door wasn’t properly shut and I haven’t been in my car since Saturday (more than 72hrs by the time I was heading out to the grocery store today). The dome light in my car would have been on the entire time, which drained the battery.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: call someone for a boost, Rebekah! But the thing is, my car is in my (rather small) garage at the moment. You can’t reach it to boost. And because of anti-theft features, you can’t just pop it into neutral and push it out of the garage, either.

So…after smacking my head against the wheel a few times (and uttering some unsavoury language – c’mon, it’s the truth), I headed back inside to call the tow truck company to come and give me a portable boost. As I said, this has happened before. The thing that made me really mad was that this was going to cost me $50, which was not in my carefully planned budget. Grrrr.

While I sat here waiting for the boost and stewing about the cost of it, I thought of CAA. See, after the last time this happened, I thought I should sign up for membership. But within a short time I forgot about it completely, and I never did anything about it. As I waited, I thought I’d better sign up for CAA now. That made me even angrier, because the cost of a membership wasn’t in the budget, either.

But then I thought of something. If I was going to pay for the CAA membership anyway, wouldn’t it make sense to cancel the boost, put off the grocery shopping for a couple of days, and then get a boost from CAA once my membership is active?

And that is exactly what I did.

Little hiccups in life like this one sometimes drive me slightly crazy. I give them more energy and attention than they deserve. I stress about them more than I ought.

So tonite I am taking the time to count my blessings when the hiccups come. Todays blessings:

  • I am actually stupidly proud of myself for figuring this out so that I didn’t end up double spending (on the boost and the CAA membership).
  • I am deeply thankful that I live right next door to my work and that the only appointment I have ‘off campus’ in the next two days should be fairly easy to re-locate to a walk-able distance (or get a ride to).
  • I have enough food in the fridge and the freezer that I don’t need to panic about not getting to the grocery store.

They might seem small – but those are actually pretty big blessings in the scheme of things!

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. OK so once again this is scary …We had a week of storms, ice, freezing rain etc. etc. AND Sat night we needed to move my car to get our driveway somewhat shoveled and sanded by church folks.
    AND we go out and the car is dead – deader than dead. Is the battery? we were not sure – did we leave anything on in the car. No – it worked perfectly fine the day before.
    So Dan physically removed the battery from my car and took it to the mechanics and had it tested. KAPUT – DONE LIKE DINNER… FINISHED..
    And so here I am saying WOW finally Feb. will be my getting my finances in order – budgeting and being able to breathe a sigh of relief and GUESS WHAT – battery costs 160 dollars (battery + taxes)
    Hmm a familiar story to yours.
    WE are NOT alone…

    1. Vicki – it’s totally freaky! We are living parallel lives. Do you think God’s in Heaven right now having a good laugh at how freaky we find this!?!? And I second your sentiment of “Yay, it’s February!” Thank GOD we both made it through January!

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