A Song in my heart…

A few weeks ago, I complained that I was all out of routine and it was messing with me.

Tonight I am glad to report that I am back I to the swing of things. I am healthy again. I have been able to go for two walks a day with Koski. I am sleeping regularly. And for the first time since before Christmas I am spending my Thursday evening at choir practice. (The basses are working on their part right now, I am not goofing of when I should be listening to Shelagh – I wouldn’t dare!)

It is SO good to be singing again with this group of people. It struck me, as we ran through the hymns for Sunday, how much I absolutely love praising God in song.

I think song is one of my love languages. And I often walk around with a song in my heart. You may have picked up on that if you read this blog regularly – I am always quoting lyrics that help explain what I am thinking or feeling.

I love choir practice because it isn’t just a time to practice singing. It is a spiritual experience for me. It is a time of devotion.

2 thoughts on “A Song in my heart…

  1. God Bless you Rebekah and as a bass I would consider you referring to the base of the choir being the basses !
    Glad for your blog and the Spirit that enriches the lives of others !

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