Sabbath came early

So last week I posted that I was going to build in a Sabbath (day of rest) on my blog – one night a week when I take a break from writing. The purpose of Sabbath is always to allow time for rest and renewal. My intention was that my Sabbath would be Sunday nights.

Sunday is a very high-energy day in the life of a pastor. I serve a busy church and often my Sunday starts at about 7:30am (my own prep at home before I go to study the Bible with the Shepherds at 9am) and wraps up around 3pm. This is a very different way to approach Sunday than I had in my last church, where Sunday began at about 8:30am and was over by about 12:30pm. And in some ways, I’m still learning how much of a toll this takes on me. By Sunday evening, I am usually stretched out on the couch, vegetating. So writing a blog is about the last thing I want to do. Which, of course, means it is a great time for a Sabbath.

Problem is, one week into this Sabbath experiment, I suddenly found myself not-blogging last night. Friday night. Not my intended Sabbath night.

I got home late after spending the afternoon and evening visiting friends. And I thought about blogging as I crawled into bed, but my brain just wouldn’t engage. 20 minutes later I was asleep.

So I think I have learned something from this. I think I have learned that my blog-Sabbath will come when it needs to, not when I intend. If I need a break mid-week, I’ll take a break. If I need a break on Friday night, I’ll take it. If I get to Sunday without having take an a break, I’ll take it Sunday night.

Whichever the case, I will be taking a break and then hopping right back on the horse each week. I hope you can find time to build Sabbath into your schedule. It really is a blessing.

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