Blessed by colleagues…

Today I had the chance to catch up with one of my peers from my Seminary days. We have kept in touch since graduating (thank God we have lived close enough to each other to find a midway point to meet up every once in a while) and have even been on Study Leave together.

Today we had brunch and spent a couple of hours talking shop. We talked about our congregations, our Presbyteries, our elders, our peers, our hopes and our faith. And it was a blessing.

I am blessed by great colleagues in the ministry. Folks who I can call/text/instant message at any time. Some who I interact with mainly on Facebook, some who I see on a regular basis, some who I speak to on the phone regularly. Every time I have a chance to catch up with one of these folks I am blessed. We enrich each others’ ministry. We pray for each other. We get excited for each others’ successes and we support each other in times of failure.

And I with each of them, I am reminded that we are made for relationship. We are not made to do this on our own. Life in God’s service is beautiful and sometimes terrifying. It is stressful and it is sacred. And we were made to go this road together.

So to Heather – thanks for the time, the chat, the prayer and the friendship. And to all my other colleagues who walk this road with me I say the same.

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