Last night I had the chance to be at a friend’s 30th Birthday party. It was a great night out with good shoes, an excuse to wear a pretty dress, good food and an un-freaking-real cake.

It got me thinking about was this decade I’m in. My 30’s have been good to me. I bought my first car. I bought and sold my first house. I fell in love – though it didn’t last. I became a mom to two fur-babies. I have learned so much about who I am in this decade. I have turned the corner towards the end of this decade (turning 37 this year), and I realized, I don’t really want to see my 30’s end.

Now, the reality is that time marches on and my thirties will be a memory sooner rather than later. And I’m also wise enough (I hope!) to know that there will be wonderful things in my 40’s, 50’s, etc.

But I guess last night’s party has me feeling the need to look around and smell the roses a bit. To acknowledge how great these years have been and to enjoy life as it continues to unfold, because time is precious and short. Every day is a gift.

And any chance to celebrate with friends is a chance to acknowledge all the good that God has brought into our lives. So whether you find yourself at a party in the next few days, or sharing a quiet dinner with loved ones. I hope you take the chance to celebrate.

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