Press on…

I have decided to kick up my physical activity as I continue to try to break the weight loss plateau that I have been on since Christmas. So this week along with the walking that I do (on avg, 90 min a day) and the stability ball core strengthening (3 times a week, about 15 min each time), I have added 20 min on the elliptical trainer, about 4 times a week.

People keep telling me that I look great and that I could quit losing weight now. But the thing is – I have a goal. And at this moment I am 25 pounds away from that goal (I put on 2.6 pounds at last weigh-in). I want to reach my goal.

At first I was quite down hearted about the plateau that has plagued me for several weeks. But on Monday it hit me that down-hearted-ness was getting me nowhere. If I wanted to break the plateau, I was going to have to DO SOMETHING to break the plateau. It also hit me that if I am as serious about my goal as I say I am, the the only thing to do is to press on towards it.

Paul wrote these words to the church in Phillipi while he was in prison: “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” (Philippians 3:14 NLT)

Even locked in a cell, Paul refused to give up on the life to which Jesus had called him. I admire his determination. Often I have felt a lack of determination in myself. I am, at heart, a lazy creature.

But ever so slowly, Jesus is growing me up. And as he does that I am discovering things about myself that I never really knew were possible. I am determined to reach my fitness goals (and it really has become more about being fit than being skinny I. The last few months); I am determined to keep a blog as a spiritual practice – part of my ongoing relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For the first time I feel like I have an affinity for Paul’s phrase “press on”, and I think this new determination will serve me well in the long run.

My friends, whatever you are facing, may God give you the strength to press on, too!

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