Sabbath came early…

A friend asked me tonite if she had missed my blog entry from last night. I said, “No, the Sabbath just came REALLY early this week!”

It has been a busy week of meetings and the meetings have been tough ones, and I am tired. So last night I got home from a meeting, looked at the computer and thought “not possible.” I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write. I just needed a break.

Sometimes Jesus needed a break, too. He would go off on his own to pray and to think. Then he would come back to his ministry with renewed energy. He knew how important rest is when you are weary, and he didn’t apologize for taking rest when he needed it. I like that about Jesus. And not just because I’m an introvert at heart, and my time alone is precious to me. I like it because I think it is spiritually healthy – to balance times of work and times of rest, times of togetherness and times of solitude.

As I work on my physical health this year, I don’t want to leave my spiritual and emotional health in the dust. I want to seek balance in all areas of my life. Because I believe in One who came to give life and give it abundantly. And it is not possible to have an abundant life if you’re all out of balance.

Press on…

I have decided to kick up my physical activity as I continue to try to break the weight loss plateau that I have been on since Christmas. So this week along with the walking that I do (on avg, 90 min a day) and the stability ball core strengthening (3 times a week, about 15 min each time), I have added 20 min on the elliptical trainer, about 4 times a week.

People keep telling me that I look great and that I could quit losing weight now. But the thing is – I have a goal. And at this moment I am 25 pounds away from that goal (I put on 2.6 pounds at last weigh-in). I want to reach my goal.

At first I was quite down hearted about the plateau that has plagued me for several weeks. But on Monday it hit me that down-hearted-ness was getting me nowhere. If I wanted to break the plateau, I was going to have to DO SOMETHING to break the plateau. It also hit me that if I am as serious about my goal as I say I am, the the only thing to do is to press on towards it.

Paul wrote these words to the church in Phillipi while he was in prison: “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” (Philippians 3:14 NLT)

Even locked in a cell, Paul refused to give up on the life to which Jesus had called him. I admire his determination. Often I have felt a lack of determination in myself. I am, at heart, a lazy creature.

But ever so slowly, Jesus is growing me up. And as he does that I am discovering things about myself that I never really knew were possible. I am determined to reach my fitness goals (and it really has become more about being fit than being skinny I. The last few months); I am determined to keep a blog as a spiritual practice – part of my ongoing relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

For the first time I feel like I have an affinity for Paul’s phrase “press on”, and I think this new determination will serve me well in the long run.

My friends, whatever you are facing, may God give you the strength to press on, too!