Write something brilliant here…

This happens every once in a while. I sit down to write a blog, and find myself staring at the blank screen waiting for inspiration to come. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting…..

Then I find myself figuring out if I’ve had a night off yet this week. Then I realize I HAVE had a night off. So I have to write something…there must be SOMETHING I have to say, right?

Only, nothing comes.

Most days I find myself looking for an idea for a blog post during the day. I keep my eyes open, I stop as I go through the day and review what has happened and what I might want to write about.

So when it comes to a night when I am blocked, it kind of sucks.

But here is what I have learned: this too, shall pass. Tomorrow (or the next day or whenever), I will write easily and be shocked that I ever had trouble coming up with a subject. So one nights like this, the best thing to do is to write anyway. Maybe I don’t find it easy, but I do find it good. Sometimes it is work to write, and there is blessing in the simple fact of doing the work.

I think our faith journey is like that, too. Sometimes it flows easily and without effort. Other times, it is a bit of a battle and yet there is blessing in battling on through.

That’s all that I have to say tonight, my friends. If you are in an easy-flow stage of your faith journey, enjoy the blessing. If you are battling on through, I hope you can see the blessing in that too.

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