I didn’t misspell the title of this blog entry. That is, in fact, the name of our 20’s and 30’s group at the church. It stands for “The Group Formerly Known as Youth.” Though I think many do not remember what the acronym stands for. And I often have people saying things to me like “you know – that abdefghik group…the 20’s and 30’s thing”.

Nonetheless, I need to take a moment to blog about our group – I know I have done this before, but in case you don’t remember it, let me remind you. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. We have dinner and fellowship together, and then we have some sort of program or discussion. This year we have been working our way through Francis Chan’s BASIC series.

I am so impressed with the way that our conversations veer wildly off topic (seriously – we discussed relationships, why some marriages work, what our faith has to say about dreams, and what the apple in the story of Adam and Eve actually represents, all while discussing how to read the Bible), we also have a way of circling back around to the original topic. I am thankful for a place where we can discuss our faith honestly and openly and with a healthy dose of laughter. I am thankful that my ‘job’ on TGFKY nights is to sit and listen and occasionally throw my 2 cents in, but not to control the discussion or the program.

I love getting to do something in ministry that is so organic and so meaningful. I am thankful for “that abcdedfghijk group!”

Jesus is present with us as we meet and I am reminded why I love my church.

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