Let the Games begin!


I am a huge fan of the Olympics. I have no doubt that I am a bit of an idealist when it comes to the Games. I see them for all they are meant to represent and overlook the problems (judging scandals, doping scandals, insensitive comments from athletes and/or officials, etc.) that naturally arise as part of them.

At the heart of it, the Games represent the idea that for 16 days the world comes together to play. There is innocence and excellence in that idea. There is, I believe, a glimpse of Heaven in that idea.

For some athletes, a dream will be achieved. One that has been held dear, sweated over, concentrated upon through the haze of pain, and is finally within reach. For others, the dream will end in disaster. It happens every Games: there is some athlete who holds such expectation and promise, but something goes wrong and their hopes are dashed. For others still, a level of excellence will be achieved that they had not yet dreamt possible. There are alway surprises (of the good kind and the bad kind) at the Games.

And that is another thing I love about them: you just cannot predict what will happen next. There will be great, unpredictable stories being written in every moment of competition in London over the next 2+ weeks.

I cannot wait to see how these stories unfold. I pray for a safe and wonderful games. I pray that people will be inspired. I pray that the world has a blast playing together.

Let the Games begin!

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