Back to it…

I know, I know – about half way through my vacation I lost the drive to write and therefore the blog entries dried up (plus, I was watching a LOT of Olympics and having a LOT of fun…and I didn’t want to stop to write it all down!).

Now I am back home again, having just completed my first official day back at work (though, as all ministers can tell you, my hours aren’t neatly defined like a 9-5 job might be…sometimes I work while walking the dog or lying on the couch…).

Today was foodbank day at St. Andrew’s. It’s one of my favorite activities at the church. Sometimes it is heartbreaking and sometimes it is inspiring and sometimes it is really frustrating (it can be hard to love those who are so broken that they cannot engage in healthy relationships). Today was just good. I was welcomed back by volunteers and clients alike. Everyone wanted to know how my vacation was, and to tell me how happy they were to see me back.

They asked if I was glad to be back, and I think they expected me to say “I’d rather be on vacation.” I kept surprising people by smiling and saying “Yes, I’m really glad to be back.” The thing is – it’s true.

I have often said that church work can be tough, and there is no doubt I was exhausted and a little burnt out by the time I started my vacation. But now I have had rest. I have laughed and I have cried. I have slept in and I have eaten ridiculous amounts of really good bread. I have spent time with my family and with my chosen family. I have caught up with friends and read some really good books.

And through all of that my batteries have been recharged. I am ready to go. I am ready to blog again, I am ready to stick to my Weight Watchers plan again (I took a sabbatical during my vacation, hence the mountains of really good bread I ate!), I am ready to exercise regularly again.

I am back. I am blessed. I am excited to see what Jesus will do as we begin a new season of ministry at St. A’s.

One thought on “Back to it…

  1. Glad you enjoyded your vacation. Vacations are awesome, not to rub it in but Im just at the beginning of mine! Should hopefully be at St Andrews Sunday. I miss everybody there, it kind of feels like I havent been there in awhile with all thats been going on this summer! Have a great rest of the week!

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