Up, up and away!

So tomorrow our VBS begins at St. A’s. I love VBS week. It’s always a blast to explore faith with a bunch of great kids. This year we will be learning all about trusting God.

Today has been a day of prep – we decorated the sanctuary after worship this afternoon. This evening, I’ve been going over all the materials for the different sections I will be leading tomorrow. I even gave myself a sky mani-pedi (complete with white clouds on a blue background!).

As fun and lighthearted and good-for-my-soul as this week will be, it will also be a week that is completely exhausting. So before we begin, I’d like to ask for your prayers. Pray that the energy levels of the leaders may be sustained, that the campers would have a great and fun time, and most of all that God would be powerfully present, touching young lives and turning hearts toward Him.


2 thoughts on “Up, up and away!

  1. Hope you have a great turn out and a great bunch of kids! Loved the service today, I was driving home listening to Jesse Cook and anything by him generally makes me happy! Not sure about music I listen do when I’m down. Probably anything metal! Heavy Metal speaks to me and generally makes me feel better as well! I enjoyed singing in the choir, seriously considering joining! Cheers!

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