Exhausted and happy…

As I suspected, VBS is already taking a tonne of energy. But it’s also a tonne of fun. I was really pleased by how today went and by the great group of kids we have this year. They had lots of fun (there is little in life that is as rewarding as a kid saying “no, I don’t wanna leave” at the end of a VBS day!).

We are learning all about trusting God this week. As much as it is a great lesson for the kids, I have to admit it’s something that we adults need to learn over and over again. Just about every time I think I know how to trust God with my problems and worries, I suddenly find myself trying to solve them on my own. I know better, but I don’t always do better.

I believe that’s why faith is a life-long journey. Although the lessons themselves are fairly simple, fairly easy to grasp, they are often very difficult to LIVE. It’s the difference between knowing something with your head, and actually having it enter your heart and transform how you live.

I am grateful that God does not give up on us. I am grateful that He keeps walking this road with us, helping us up when we fall.

And really, that’s why He deserves our trust!


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