I’m gonna make it…

We’ve passed ‘hump day’ at VBS. I’ve reached that point where I know I’m going to make it through the week without having a breakdown. 🙂 In fact, the next two days will pass in the blink of an eye, and I will be sad to see that we are wrapping up for another year.

At the same time, I am at least as tired as I thought I’d be (though, I do think I’m doing a better job of taking care of myself this year), so I will welcome a slightly-slower pace once VBS ends. As with most things in life – it’s good and bad mixed together.

But before I rush on to other concerns and other ministries at St. A’s, I think I need to take a second and record some of the blessings I’ve experienced in ministering to this great group of kids this week. Here we go:

-we have an autistic boy who has really integrated well into the group, it’s unbelievably moving to see how the kids love and care for him

-today as we heard the story of Jesus’ arrest and trial, I could tell the kids were genuinely saddened at what Jesus went through – their hearts were hurting for him…never doubt that kids can have a powerful faith

-there are always some kids that are a little more of a handful than others…but when that kid who has been on your last nerve for the last half hour gives you a hug and says “but I don’t want to leave” at the end of the day – it just makes it all worth while

-our VBS kids have been truly outstanding when it comes to the Scriptures we have been memorizing and the Bible Points we have been learning…when it comes to VBS it is always my prayer that some of the seeds we plan will take route in the hearts of these children and the faith that grows there may carry them through all that life will throw at them. I truly believe I have seen some of that happening this week.

-I have great leaders and junior leaders…they are fun to be around and they care as deeply as I do about these children

-we have been doing something called “God Sightings” all week – where we write down any moments where we saw God’s hand at work in our midst…it was slow to get going, but today we had several kids who reported God Sightings. Beautiful!

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