Pass it on…

I came across this verse and found it rather apropos. At Graceview, throughout Lent, we ha e been looking at ways to do something during this season. Rather than giving something up – which can be a meaningful practice for some, but often is relegated to an old tradition that no one really understands – we’ve been looking for ways to put what we have learned from the Scriptures into action.

This verse reminds us that the comfort God gives us is never meant to end with us. If we have received comfort from God, we are then meant to comfort others in His name. This is how it is with any gift from God – it is meant to be something we can then share with others.

It is as though God gives us gifts not so that we can hold tight to the gift that we have been given, but so that we can pass it on. And God delights in us when we do, indeed, pass it on.

This Lent may you take the time to recognize the good things God has given you. (Maybe make a list!) And may you then find ways to pass these things on to others – you will bless people and honour God in doing so.

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