Years ago I read a story set on a world with two suns. The author described how there were constant sun showers, and therefore rainbows, on that world. There were so many rainbows that they became commonplace and people stopped noticing their beauty.

I thought that was incredibly sad. I cannot imagine not noticing the beauty of the natural world. One of my favourite things about my condo is that it is high up in my building and faces west. I get to see sunsets regularly. I have watched storms blow in and snows drift down. I get to see the lights of my city shining in the dark night.

I often find my breath taken away by the beauty of an ordinary day. And every time I do, I feel God’s presence and God’s blessing in it.

This Lent, may your breath be taken away by the beauty that surrounds you. May you know whose handiwork it is, and may you draw closer to God.

2 thoughts on “Beauty…

  1. Wonderful words. I feel the beauty of God’s world every morning as walk little Buddy. Thank you so much !!!! Blessings

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