Yesterday I shared some links to some contemporary worship songs that mean a lot to me. As I was working on that blog it occurred to me that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do another post that focused on more traditional hymns.

So that is today’s plan. Here we go!

Be Thou My Vision – this has long been a favourite hymn of mine. The familiar tune is Slade which is Irish in origin. I’ve always been taken with all things Celtic. This version is beautiful rendition of the hymn by Elenyi – a trio of female singers.

Holy, holy, holy – this a cappella version of the hymn that was the opening to most Presbyterian worship services in days gone by, features beautiful harmonies. I got chills listening to it! (And off to the right side, you should see a number of other videos of hymns by this group, Anthem Lights. Lots of good stuff to check out there!)

Because He lives – Caleb + Kelsey are a married duo (Caleb is part of Anthem Lights mentioned above) who cover different worship songs. Their voices blend beautifully. Their version of this hymn is transcendent. It’s also a great hymn for the days we are living through in this pandemic.

Again, this is just a small taste of what is available, I encourage you to spend some time listening to these, searching for others, or listening to things you already have in your own collection. Music is healing, and worship music draws us closer to God.

Until tomorrow, dear friends!