A word about tomorrow…

Tomorrow my congregation, Graceview Presbyterian Church, will not gather in person for worship. This is unprecedented. But we are living in unprecedented times.

Though we will not gather together in person, I will be preparing a short video sermon to post here, and I encourage you to tune in to that, to listen and to pray. (My plan is to post it at 10:30am, which would be our normal time to begin worship, but I’m dealing with a learning curve, too, so bear with me if that doesn’t go according to plan! I promise to have it up as close to 10:30am as possible!)

We are not doing a livestream – there are many other churches that ARE doing that, and I want to share some links with you of places you can “go to church” from the comfort of your own home.

MOSAIC.ORG/LIVE Mosaic is a church in Los Angeles. Their lead pastor, Erwin McManus, has had a profound influence on my ministry and preaching. I find him interesting, exciting and inspiring. If you tune in, you may not know any of the music that they us in worship – Mosaic has a team that writes their own songs for their faith community. But I promise you your time will not be wasted if you choose to follow the link and join them for one of their live events.

themeetinghouse.com The Meeting house will be livestreaming at 10am tomorrow morning. This is a contemporary, Brethren In Christ church with many satellite locations around the GTA and beyond. I often worship at one of their satellites when I have a Sunday off during which I am not away from home.

If you are on facebook, you can check out my friend Rev. Alton J. Ruff’s livestream by following Knox Midland’s Facebook page. Alton will be live on facebook at 10:30am.

Also on Facebook you could check out St. Paul’s Nobleton’s live stream by following the Rev. Dr. Jeff Loach’s facebook page. Jeff will be live at 10am tomorrow morning.

For an exhaustive list of Presbyterian churches that are live-streaming, you can follow this link to the National Church’s website.

All of this to say, dear friends, that worship continues. It may look very different than you are used to, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You have lots of options for experiencing church while staying home and continuing to follow the practices of physical distancing. I encourage you to find your rest in God, to know that you are not alone, and to trust that we will make it through these days.

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