Well, that wasn’t easy…

I promised yesterday to post a video sermonette. And can I just say my heart is with every pastor who is out there doing a livestream or a video sermon today? It is not easy! I went through a lot of takes, stopping the video after a minute or two when I said something weird or was uncomfortable in some way. And then decided that for better or worse, this last take would be the one I went with.

So of course, as soon as I tried to upload I had internet problems. Because that is just the way things go sometimes. And the video took forever to upload. But in any case, here we are.

A word or two: my friend Janet who I mention in this is The Rev. Janet Ryu-Chan of Morningside-HighPark Presbyterian Church in Toronto. She’s a dear friend and a wonderful colleague. We’ve made it a practice to plan Lent and Advent together since I came to serve Graceview in 2017.

Here is my video:

The Scripture I read is Matthew 23:13-28 and then 2 Corinthians 4:1-9.

5 thoughts on “Well, that wasn’t easy…

  1. I have commented in public Rebekah. I need not say God Bless you as He certainly has. Your short sermon and scripture lessons will lead me through this night and next week. Please continue to broadcast your words to us which I know are all His. God has Blessed you richly !!!

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