A devotional exercise…

Today is one of those days when I just didn’t have a clue what to write about…if you’ve been paying attention to the timing of my posts, I’ve been trying to have them published between 4pm-6pm. Tonight’s is a little later because I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about since I got back from a late afternoon walk with Koski.

As I scrolled around the internet looking for ideas and inspiration, I landed on an email from illustratedministry.com. They are the folks that supplied the Advent Banner we coloured throughout that recent season at Graceview.

And during the COVID-19 Pandemic, they are supplying interested churches, leaders, individuals with some free resources. I signed up to their weekly email, because it’s always good to have free resources! And they sent me a colouring page that is also a devotional.

Their email said:

For now, we wanted to start by giving you a free coloring page. The coloring page features the prompt “God calls me…” and allows for a variety of possibilities for reflection:

  • What is God calling me to do, or not do, right now?
  • Who is God calling me to be?
  • What name is it that God calls me?

And I thought – wow, what a lovely little devotional activity. So whether you choose to print and colour the page that you can find here, or not – I do encourage you to spend some time in though and in prayer, answering these questions.

If you’re interested in my answers, let me tell you:

  • God is calling me to care for my people (those of Graceview, my friends, my family, my colleagues) while maintaining physical distance
  • God is calling me to not beat myself up for my imperfections and the struggle I have with trying to keep my own spirits up
  • God is calling me to be at peace, knowing that Good doesn’t leave or forsake us
  • the name that God calls me is “beloved daughter,” which means more to me than any other title I’ll ever be given

Now, dear friend, take some time to answer those questions yourself. Know that God is with you as you do. Blessing to you until tomorrow!

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