Another musical post…

It is a gorgeous (seriously gorgeous) sunny day in North Etibicoke today. Koski and I got out for a run, and for the first time in recent memory, I felt strong throughout the run. I joked on my mapmyrun post that I thought maybe I was solar powered. There’s something about the sunshine that just makes everything better.

When I returned home from running, I found an email from the Rev. Brian McIntosh of Bloordale United Church sharing a couple of new hymns that have been written addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. And I immediately thought, “Oh, I have to share those on my blog!”

They are both written by  Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. She has provided them free of charge for use by communities of faith that might find them helpful. I think there is a sermon in that!

The first is entitled “God Whose Will is Health and Wholeness, it is set to the tune In Babilone which you can listen to here. The words are:

The second is entitled “When we face an unknown future” and is set to the tune Beach Spring, which you can listen to here. The words are:

I hope you find these inspiring and helpful! May they help you worship even in these uncertain times. Blessings!

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