Undefeated…by Death

The passage we are looking at today is: John 11:17-44.

Here is a prayer from the PCC that I thought might be helpful:

God of the past, present and future, 

God in whom all things are renewed, we praise you.

In the face of all that wearies us and worries us,

your words echo through the centuries with love and hope.

As we follow the footsteps of Jesus in this Lenten season,

His Cross stands before us.

And so we trust you are never far from our sorrows.

In him you walk with us; you share our tears. 

You stand beside us when we don’t know which way to turn.

In this hour of worship, renew our trust in your resurrection promises

and draw near to us when we need you the most,

whenever we can’t even find the words to call on your holy name. 

God of our lonely places and hard times, there is no place dark for your presence. There are no situations beyond your grace. Yet we confess we sometimes lose track of you, when sorrows stack up or loneliness surrounds us. Forgive us our hopelessness. Stay with us as we go through every valley of shadow. Bring life where there is death, healing whether there is pain, and courage where there is fear. Stay with us as we make our way along the path Jesus walked.

worship planner for Lent 5 found at https://presbyterian.ca/worship/

(Remember, you could – if you choose – listen to Ancient Words before the sermon and Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne afterward to create a little service for yourself!)

And here is the video sermonette (which was supposed to be shorter without including the reading, but is actually longer than last weeks!):

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