A bit of fun…

One of the realities of this time of pandemic and crisis is that everything is so serious. The tone and the facial expressions of our politicians and health experts help to convey the seriousness of this situation. And that’s good – non verbal cues are a huge part of communication. I think our officials are doing an outstanding job.

But man, sometimes I just get tired of grim faces and grim tones. I crave silliness and joy. I miss joking around with my friends – you know those times you’re making each other laugh so hard you have tears running down your face and you can’t breathe? Thankfully I have had some of those moments over text and messenger. And I’m grateful for those funny, silly conversational moments.

We were made for joy.

So to bring you some joy in these trying times – I dare you not to grin while watching this:

And if you haven’t yet picked this up over Facebook or from a news source, I love this video put together by actor John Krasinski:

Keep smiling, keep finding reasons to experience joy, my friends. This, too, is holy.

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