Good Friday

This is a hard day, under normal circumstances. And we all know we are not under normal circumstances! Below are a number of different resources for you to access to experience Good Friday Worship, while staying safe at home. Be blessed, even as we grieve together.

At Graceview, we usually read the whole of the Maundy Thursday and crucifixion narratives. It’s a lot of Scripture, but it’s such a narrative passage – so many things happening – that a full read-through is the only way to go.

You can read it here: Matthew 26:31-Matthew 27:66 And I encourage you to do that!

The other traditional passage is Isaiah 53, which I also encourage you to read out loud.

We would also use the Liturgies produced by PWS&D:

My friend and co-director of the Great Lakes Touring Chorus (with which I have travelled to Scotland and Wales in the past, and with which I will travel to Ireland in the future), Shelagh Tyreman recorded this version of one of my favourite Good Friday hymns, Were You There?:

You can go and subscribe to her Youtube channel here,
to receive notifications when she posts more beautiful music.

The folks have a great resource of the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the cross. Print and colour these pages for some Good Friday meditation: ***this file has been removed because asked that purchased files not be posted on the internet. If you would like to access it, please email me.***

Dear friends, here is my Good Friday video sermon:

And finally, if you’re looking for some Good Friday viewing, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has made the full stage show of Jesus Christ Superstar free viewing on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Blessings to you until tomorrow!

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