Silent Saturday…

I used that phrase in conversation with my friend, The Rev. Janet Ryu-Chan this week, and she told me she’d never heard it called that before. I call it Silent Saturday because the Scriptures are silent on that day. There are no words that tell us what the disciples were experiencing or thinking or doing.

So on this day of silence I want to share with you this song I came across on youtube. It is a setting of Psalm 130 – and what I really love about it is that there is this blend in it of lament, of calling out the promise of God, and of waiting. But it’s also triumphant.

And even as we observe the lament and waiting time of Silent Saturday, we are still an Easter people.

And I want to add this beautiful and heartbreaking tenebrea by Andrew Peterson, of the last seven words of Christ on the cross:

This poem about Holy Saturday:

Be blessed, dear friends!

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