Heart of Worship…

Years ago, Matt Redman wrote a song called The Heart of Worship. It was born out of a situation in the church where he was a worship leader. The band was very good, but there had been this sense for a while that the worship had begun to be about performance, rather than ascribing worth to God.

So the Lead Pastor banned the band. For several months, worship was lead with just one guitar and one voice. Simple. Stripped down. Focussed on Jesus.

And Matt Redman learned the lesson that the pastor had intended – that the heart of worship is all about Jesus. So he wrote this song.

In the midst of this pandemic, so much has been stripped away from our worship. But the heart of worship is the same as it has always been – it’s all about Jesus, all about learning from him, honouring him, inviting him into our lives to do the transformative work that only He can do.

Until tomorrow, may this song be a blessing to you!

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