I was talking to some colleagues today, and we were talking about how tired we are. Some of us are doing a tonne of meetings, some are doing almost none. Some are doing livestream worship, others are sending out written materials so their congregants can worship at home. But no matter what we are doing, we are all tired.

And that makes sense. There is a level of stress and uncertainty that we have been living with for a month now, that is unprecedented. (I’m actually getting sick of that word, because it applies to so many different situations and areas of life right now!) There is a weariness of the soul that comes from hearing the news of more cases, more deaths, more difficulties, more uncertainties.

Our souls are weary.

But there is good news for our souls. Because Jesus has an invitation for us:

So today, I pray rest for your soul. That you would feel the presence of Christ, to comfort and calm you.

And, of course, there is a song I want to share with you. Andrew Peterson wrote, “The Rain Keeps Falling,” as part of his 2015 album, “The Burning Edge of Dawn.” He wrote this song (and much of this album) about a period of depression that he struggled through, and I feel like it has so much to say to us in these days. First, we hear Andrew laying out his heartbreak and darkness – that he just feels like there is no end to the rain falling.

But eventually – and it does take a while, which is kind of amazing because too often Christians rush to the solution and sometimes we just need to sit in our sadness and know that even our sorrow, God is with us – we hear another voice. A female voice that sings, “Peace, be still.”

When the album this song came out in 2015, Andrew did a companion cd in which he shared a bit about the background and meaning of each song. For this one he spoke about how this voice that speaks peace is the voice of the Holy Spirit – the comforter and helper who makes it possible for us to follow Jesus.

And yet, in the song, it seems like Andrew can’t hear this voice until the very, very end, when he begins to ask, “Is it You? Is it true?” This song breaks my heart, but I also find it so relatable. Sometimes we are weary and worn and sad, but God still whispers to us: Peace, be still.

I hope it ministers to you, to your soul, just as it has ministered to mine:

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