Seeking light…

One of the things that been really great to see during the pandemic, is the way that people have stepped up to encourage each other, to bring some joy, and to share some ‘silver linings’ in the midst of this storm.

About a week and a half ago, a friend of mine invited me to be a part of a Facebook group entitled: “Look for the Silver Lining Club!” The members of this group are invited to share whatever they’ve come across that gave them a smile, that warmed their heart, or that encouraged them. Last night my friend posted this before bed:

This is what it is to walk in faith, to follow Jesus. We meet the darkness with light – every moment, every hour, every day. And we know something about light, don’t we?

The world may seem very dark right now, but you have the power to push back the darkness by shining your light.

Until tomorrow, be encouraged and keep on meeting the darkness with light!

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