Saturday thoughts…

So tomorrow I’m starting a new, open-ended, video sermon series entitled “For these Hard Times.” Each week, we will search the scriptures for what we need to get us through these hard times.

Tomorrow, we will look at John 20, and focus a bit on the encounter between the disciple Thomas and Jesus. So I just had to share this amusing cartoon on how that would have gone down in the era of COVID-19:

My friends Shelagh and Rob have been producing music from their condo, and I wanted to share this selection – Thine Be the Glory – to get you ready for church tomorrow:

And I wanted to share this FREE children’s resource about the Thomas story in the Gospel According to John from the folks at

(A word about that – I posted some resources during Holy Week that I had purchased from and a few days later there was an email – a general email, not focussed at me – asking that anyone who might have done that, to please take them down so that the for-purchase resources wouldn’t be widely available through internet searches. So those resources have been removed from this blog. However, I would make them available to Graceview members and friends who might be interested, just email me. Anything from them that I post going forward will be the free resources they send out weekly.)

I encourage you to check out the blog tomorrow morning (it should be published by sometime between 9:30am-10:am), as I will have a special greeting for you from a guest, some more great music to enjoy, and my video blog.

Until tomorrow friends, hold to this truth:

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