BELIEF for these hard times…

Our Scripture this morning is: John 20:19-31.

I asked a good friend of ours to send you some Easter Greetings via video, so here is JP Smit (JP is the Clerk of the Presbytery of West Toronto and the Regional Minister for Congregational Health in our Synod. He was also the Interim Moderator at Graceview when they were searching for a new minister – a search which culminated in my call. He continues to be a dear friend of mine, and of our congregation as a whole!):

Here is a Prayer of Adoration and Confession from the worship planners on the website to begin:

God our Maker, we come before you this day,

giving thanks for all the wonder in your creation:

for the detailed perfection revealed in a baby’s tiny fingers,

in pussy willows unzipping their jackets to greet the spring,

in each rock face worn by wind and water,

witnessing to your ancient wisdom like wrinkles around an aging smile.

These details lift our hearts to praise you.

So, let the details of the story the Risen Christ lift our hearts this day,

that we too may discover him in our midst,

making all things new with the springtime of your Spirit.

O God, in raising Jesus from the dead, you showed us your power

to defeat all that brings fear and sorrow to our lives.

In his resurrection, Jesus promised to be with us always.

Yet we confess we are sometimes uncertain about how to find him.

Like Thomas, we are unsure if we can trust 

the promise of resurrection for ourselves.

Forgive us when we struggle with doubt about your presence with us.

Breathe your Spirit upon us and bring us the peace Christ promised. Amen

This piece of music from our own Eric Medhurst (one of my favourite tunes, and one that always lifts my spirits). Eric says, “Our musical selection this morning is a sprightly arrangement of the 19th Century Shaker tune arranged by Joel Raney,  This beloved and familiar tune needs no introduction and will be familiar to all.  I hope you enjoy it.

My friends Shelagh and Rob have done a lovely anthem, so listen and enjoy:

And finally, the sermon for this week:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep the faith!

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