We not me…

One of the things that really warms my heart right now, is the way that people are pulling together. We’ve seen it in the “we are all team Canada” and “Toronto Together” rhetoric. We’ve seen in in three Conquer COVID-19 PPE drives. We’ve seen it in the excellent (and widely viewed) “Stronger Together/Tous Ensemble” special that aired last Sunday and raised 8 million dollars for food banks in Canada.

And then in countless little stories of people doing kindnesses for each other, finding ways to encourage people they don’t even know, and businesses finding ways to pitch in even while taking a serious economic hit.

It reminds me of this beautiful thought from Mother Theresa (whose life, witness, and writings have always inspired me):

All of these ways of helping each other out are signs of God’s presence and love. I believe that, even if the people doing these good things don’t believe in God themselves. God is good, and any goodness in the world is a witness to and a reflection of God’s inherent goodness.

And while I struggle just as much as anybody right now – I also have to grin a bit to think that there is this conspiracy of goodness (of GOD-ness) happening all around us.

The movement towards “we not me” isn’t perfect, – there will always be some who just don’t get on board – but I hope it will be one of the things we are able to hang on to when all of this is over.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that every good deed praises God, and we are all in this together.

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