Saturday resources…

Have you noticed that you’ve started to settle into a routine? I have noticed this. It’s far from normal, but I am finding a pattern to my days – for example, on Mondays, I start the day with coffee and the latest episode of Some Good News. On Fridays, I watch whatever musical Andrew Lloyd Webber has released for 48 hrs of free streaming on his youtube channel, The Shows Must Go On.

On Saturdays, I post some ‘extra’ resources for worship. Often these include files from, and videos from my friends Shelagh Tyreman and Rob Hennig who have been “singin’ in the kitchen,” recording hymns and anthems.

Today, I share with you a beautiful instrumental version of Glorify Thy Name (lyrics can be found here) by Shelagh and a student of hers from years past, Thomas Dewer.

#300 Glorify Thy Name

Here are Shelagh and Rob singing #635 in the Presbyterian Hymn Book, “Brother, sister, let me serve you.” (Lyrics can be found here.) I think this is the perfect hymn to go with yesterday’s blog post. And it’s a joy to hear my friends singing it.

#635 Brother, sister, let me serve you provided a resource for the fourth week of Easter. They focussed on the Acts reading that is part of this week’s lectionary. That’s not what I will be preaching tomorrow, but in the resource there are some references to the John reading that I will be focussing on. So I provide it for anyone interested!

I hope you will find ways to worship tomorrow – I appreciate that many of you are going to church a little more these days. You’re watching live streams from friends and acquaintances, and you’re checking in here. That’s a great thing – I think we could all use some extra messages of comfort and hope right now. I also appreciate how my colleagues and friends are different in their approach to “virtual worship.” Some are doing zoom, some are doing live streams, some are writing materials and emailing or even snail-mailing them to their people. We are all in this together, and the different approaches all have their strengths.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that we all belong to each other, that we are in this together and that God is with each of us.

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