Extra Worship Resources!

Saturdays on my blog mean extra resources for worship. Think of this as the online equivalent of those moments before worship begins on a Sunday morning. Maybe the church is playing some quiet reflective music, or some images and announcements on the screen. Maybe you’re chatting with another in the congregation about your week.

These aren’t random things – they are moments given by God to help you be ready to worship. Maybe that conversation helped you know how to pray for your brother or sister in Christ, maybe the image on the screen was a gift to your soul, maybe the announcement you saw on the screen inspired you to serve in your community.

I hope these resources will help to guide and prepare your heart for worship.

Let’s begin with this Pentecost colouring resource from illustratedministry.com:

My friends Rob and Shelagh managed the hurculean task of getting choir and lay musicians to record parts for #646 Lead me Jesus, I will follow. This song is one of my favourites – it always reminds me of standing on the prow of a boat on the Sea of Galilee in December 2013. The line “down the dusty pathways, all along the sea,” always brings a flood of memories of the Holy Land, and a tear to my eye. Enjoy!:

Lead me, Jesus; I will follow, down the dusty pathways, all along the sea. Teach me, Jesus, to be loving: your disciple, I will be.

Open my eyes that I may see; I will serve you: your disciple I will be.

Shelagh and Rob also recorded another favourite of mine, #461 One more step along the world I go:

And finally, this thought from the scriptures as we prepare to think about the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts tomorrow:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, lift up you hearts, lift them up to the Lord!

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