THINKING “WE” for these hard times…

Before we begin, today, I want to share with you the Moderator’s reflection on anti-black racism, and the things that our world has been going through in the past week:

Eric’s prelude for the week is one of my favourite hymn tunes: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” arranged by Becki Slagle Mayo:

I share this prayer for unity in diversity, for peace in the midst of these times:

~ posted on the Monthly Prayers page of the Christian Aid website in 2017 and reposted on the re:worship blog.

Our first hymn this week is #299 Holy, Holy, Holy:

Kathy Twynam reads (and introduces, nice job, Kathy!) our Scripture for this week, Psalm 8.

The sermon this week is entitled “THINKING ‘WE’ for these hard times”:

This link will take you to Nadia Bolz-Weber’s website and specifically to a pastoral letter she wrote this week. It is worth reading, and also includes some links to books, podcasts and voices worth listening to on this issue. I recognize that most of these are from an American perspective, but I still think they are worth engaging to become better informed. (I signed up for the course offered in that letter, so that I can work on becoming better informed, too.)

Our final hymn is #435 All things bright and beautiful:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, please know that God created each of us – in all the diverse expressions of humanity, the fingerprints of God are found. God made us for love – love of God and love of each other and love of the rest of creation. Go, in His name, and love boldly.

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