Meme Monday!

Here we go again – sometimes they’re silly, sometimes they’re deep. Let’s see what I thought was worth saving and sharing from this week’s social media travels!

This, to begin with, because the refrain ‘let it begin with me’ rings true:

This hit a little close to home! What can you do, but laugh?

I mean, this just feels a little too true, right now:

So we probably need this reminder:

This is both true and untrue. The thing is, dogs are simple. it takes the basic things to make them happy: a warm place to nap, regular feeding, going for a walk with their person, and lots of cuddles and belly rubs. People are far more complicated:

This is so wrong, but I confess, I giggled and giggled!

This timely word from Dr. King. May we remember what his life embodied, and continue to push for liberty and justice for all:

And, finally, a blessing for your day:

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